Neuromorphic Token (NMP) - Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing

What is

We are a Munich startup and have been dealing with the topic of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology since 2019. The focus will be on the research of neuroscience-driven computing by using the blockchain technology. We will use the NMP utility token to connect the global research in the field of neuromorphic computers. With the specially developed decentralized platforms, we will connect the global market for chipsets in the AI industry.


B2B-Marketplace DApp

World's First Blockchain Protocol for the international Neuromorphic Computing Market.



Blockchain-based decentralized Trust Index for global Neuromorphic Computing Suppliers.


Utility Token NMP

Our Utility Token NMP will be an unit for Companies and Educational Institutions.


Neuromorphic Chips

Our Scientists are actively developing blockchain-based Neuromorphic Chips.


Based on Blockchain

World's first Blockchain and AI linked chip-technology development.


Corporate Network

Working with future-oriented Companies by using our Utility Token NMP.

What is Neuromorphic Computing?

Neuromorphic Computing is the imitation of neurobiological architecture by using electronic systems.Our aim is to mimic neurobiological architecture by researching neuroscience-driven neuromorphic computing by using the blockchain technology..

Distribution Of NMP-Tokens

The NMP-Token will be used for many development and practical purposes. Here is the structure of the total token allocation.

Purpose Wallet Address Amount Status
Development & Research (30%) 0xd3d07ab2ec98e1ca734cf7fd60442cc7bdbc4c77 3,000,000 Locked until June 2022
Partnerships & Operations (20%) 0x3f7c56f64d9dc30fcf6797c743198eae5867dc6b 2,000,000 Burned in March 2021
Legal & Patents (10%) 0xc0e4276800f081d4d9d17d3e0c6729f7f9ecb35c 1,000,000 Locked until March 2021
Marketing & Sales (5%) 0x0EC36A530Da1DB1e822f57244699575B65E2641A 500,000 Locked until March 2021
In Circulation (35%) Total Amount of Tokens in Circulation. 3,500,000 Unlocked & Tradeable

NMP-Token is tracked on:


Our Roadmap

Q1 2021: Developing the B2B-Marketplace DApp by using our NMP-Token. Listing NMP-Token on 5 more international centralized and decentralized Exchanges. Advance the Development and Research or blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology.

Q2 2021: Start of the development phase of our decentralized supplier network for neuromorphic computing technologies. For this purpose, at least 12 partnerships with Fortune Global 500 companies are aimed for. In addition, the development of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing chips will be intensified.

Q3 2021: Start of the development phase of our decentralized B2B Marketplace DApp. At the same time, the existing partnerships with the partner companies are being intensified and the implementation of the NMP token is planned. Another 5 listings in international central and decentralized exchanges will be carried out.

Q4 2021: The first prototype of the decentralized supplier network is launched. To this end, 12,000 companies in Europe will be involved and the application will be used in the first phase. At the same time, the prototype of the decentralized B2B Marketplace DApps is being tested internally by our developers.

Q1 2022: The NMP token will reach a market capitalization of USD 500,000. This is achieved by reducing the circulating supply and actively using the token in partner companies. A circulating supply of one million NMP tokens is targeted at this point in time. At the same time, a transition to our mainnet is being prepared and the ERC20 token is being replaced by the mainnet specially designed for our company network.

NMP-Token is listed on these Exchanges:



Meet Our Experts

Here we would like to introduce you to the key figures who shape our company and play an important role. We have a total of 15 employees, including 5 interns and 4 software developers.

Has been the new CEO of our company since January 2021 and is an expert in the field of neuromorphic systems and blockchain.

- Christoph Seidel CEO / Neuromorphic & Blockchain Systems

Has many years of experience in the field of the Neuromorphic Software Ecosystem and is an expert in neuromorphic computer chips.

- Thomas Voigt Neuromorphic Software Ecosystem

Is an expert for the crypto community and an expert for ERC20 smart contracts and cryptocurrencies with years of experience.

- Marcel Beck Community Manager & Crypto Expert

Integration of the NMP-Token for Business and Research

In order to realize our goals to reach a successful development of Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing, we need to ensure that all partnered organizations and educational instituions can acquire and manage the NMP-Token.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Our company is an association of neuromorphic computing and blockchain experts. Our aim is to develop the world’s first blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology.

What is NMP-Token?

NMP is our utility token to ensure liquidity and payments within our developing group of companies. It will also be used in our B2B-marketplace DApp and also in our supplier-network.

Who will use NMP-Tokens?

The token will guarantee liquidity in our development and research ecosystem. Our group of companies will be the main buyer of the token. Only 10 percent will be available for investors.

What will be the price of NMP?

The market for neuromorphic computing will be 270 billion in 2025 and we will try to cover 6 percent of the market through our developments. Presell price was $2,20 per NMP.

How can I buy NMP-Tokens?

Our NMP token is already tradable on numerous crypto exchanges. Anyone interested can buy and trade NMP tokens on the open market

How do I benefit from NMP-Token?

Our main goal is to develop blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology. This technology is the future and is highly linked to artificial intelligence. We believe that this technology is the future and that NMP will be the driving force in the development and research.

Our company is researching a new type of technology that will use the blockchain as the foundation of neuromorphic computing chips. Our research approaches are extensive and will significantly change the market for artificial intelligence, blockchain and neuromorphic computing.

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